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So, u found me here ;)
Exposed. Naked.
Can u handle it?
Enough of that :P

some of the info on my Belgian website r outdated. I grew a few cm's.

So far from quiz results, me iz 0% Asian, 100% British & 100% Redneck. My dream woman.

From: Hong Kong.

Name: same as an ff7 character.

1st job: Japanese kitchen in San Francisco.
Relatives in NYC, London, LA, Houston, Vancouver, Vietnam & Cuba. But, I'm 100% redneck remember?

You can ask me about restaurant recommendations.

Working on my dreams:
put out my own toys/novelties.
grow old & wise w/ a cool woman and shrink into a little bloke w/ big ears like Yoda.

Lv me a comment. Tell me about your dream.

I'll usually add u back if i have seen your face online or in person.

Now Amsterdam
Halloween 07 So Cal
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